The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Ryan Fahey

First off, I would like to thank Professor Liebowitz for giving me the opportunity to take this course. For the first couple of weeks I wasn't sure if I really belonged in this class. Many of the other students seemed to have a lot more going on and were more ambitious about their ideas then myself. I had never actually thought about putting to action any idea that I had ever had, so seeing all of these young people already having businesses of their own or actively developing their businesses was intimidating, I felt like I was lacking in experience. After taking this course I have come to realize that; at one point everyone has been in my position. This class has taught me that everyone starts at the bottom, its whether or not you put in the work to get yourself off the ground. Being able to listen to Professor Liebowitz and the guest speakers and being able to converse with the other students in the class has given me the confidence to start seriously thinking about my future business inquiries.