The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Hassan Wehbeh

I only wanted to thank you personally for the opportunity that you've given me. I'm grateful to have met you and worked in this program with you. I am truly honored. Professor, the benefits that you've given me in this program go beyond what I learned in class because you opened my eyes on a lot of different aspects of the entrepreneurship world. I saw what a good of a person you are and to see a good person, like yourself, successful is very refreshing and inspiring. I said I "saw" what a good person you are, because you've brought your beautiful family with you and proved the dedication you have for those handpicked students that you've chosen to work with in this program. For this reason professor, I say thank you, but I wish it is enough, which is why I will stay in touch and keep reaching out to say hello and to see if you'd like me to assist in anything.