The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Alexis Jean Pierre

I have always had a hard time picking a major in college but I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. When my business law professor announced this class was being offered this semester I quickly applied for it and I am glad that I did. From this class I learned that starting a business is not easy. I may fail but that does not mean to give up. Many people want to start a business but do not have the proper knowledge and tools to have a successful one. At first this scared me because I was scared of failure and that has caused me to put my dreams on hold. But I learned I cannot succeed if I do not try. I had these plans in the work for several years taking classes and gaining knowledge and I would hate to waste my money and time spent because I was scared of failure. Attending this class has taught me to take risk, learn to be different, be organized and to never give up.