The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Schedule for the Remainder of the Program

Dear Students, I hope you enjoyed our buying trip to Manhattan last Wednesday and were able to get a better feel for the wholesale vs. retail concept of business. We saw many different businesses and products for sale. This will give you a good start for your future ventures Inasmuch as we have three critical classes left to the program, this is what we need to accomplish: 1. On May 4th and May 11th you will show up to our selling days prepared to sell. At this time it is important to let me know whether you will be selling your own items or selling the jewelry items we bought the other day. Most students will be selling our products. Here are the hours that you are assigned to sell. We will meet the 10 AM group at the security gate on campus road across from coffee shop. At that time we will unload my car of the merchandise and bring over to the Breezeway at Whitehead Hall where we will set up the tables. 10-1 PM: (Alexis, Tzvi, Lexis, Megan, Junior, Hassan & Aaron).The 1 PM group will meet in-front of Whitehead Hall on campus from 1PM-4PM (Ryan, Steven, Davendra, Jordan, Tiffany, Shumon & Michael) If you are selling your own merchandise you need to bring your own table and can stay all day 10-4 if you wish. Those selling their own merchandise keep all monies earned. Those selling the jewelry we bought all monies go back into the school program. In preparation of our selling days we need to promote the sale through flyers on campus. I have attached flyers to this email. Please print some out and post in your classes, cafeteria and the library. I am asking all of you to help with this exercise so students, faculty and workers will bring money for our Big Sale on campus. Please also post on your Social Media and other ways. I’d love to hear other ways you think we can promote the sale. 2. May 18th: Final Exam and Graduation ceremony. On May 18th at 12:30 PM sharp we will have our Graduation Ceremony in the Georgian Room located in the basement of Boylan Hall. This is the professors dining hall and we have reserved a private room for our graduation ceremony. You can follow the signs to Georgian Room whose entrance is between the bookstore and the student cafeteria. Prior to our lunch we will ask each students to get up in front of their fellow students and present their final exam in two minutes of less. You should also send in a paper of your final exam via email. “What did you get out of this program and why should I invest in your business?” is the topic of the final exam. You can see some of the prior year students speeches here: 3. Final grades and homework: It is now a critical time to finish up all of your homework’s which make up 33% of your grades. There are still many of you that have not submitted in all of your homework's, this is a good time to get them done! Your final grade is comprised of the following: Class participation, Homework’s and your final exam. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, we are down to the final few weeks, have a nice Spring Break! Best, Professor L.