The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program
Homework # 9
April 15, 2015

Read Chapter 12 in the text book Hiring and Supervising Workers starting on Page 141.

Make a list of the tasks you feel qualified to perform well that may be pertinent to your business, or the business you’d like to start. Now make a list of all the tasks you feel you will need to have performed for your business by someone whether it’s you, a partner, or a worker (employee or independent contractor).

Next Weds is our Buying Day Trip. We will meet in front of Final Touch jewellery at 54 West 29th at the corner of Sixth Avenue at 10AM SHARP! If you are late we will be walking on 29th st. and 30th St. between Broadway and 6th avenue try to catch up to us. Many trains stop at Herald Square a few blocks from where we are meeting. This will be a great experience for those of you interested in retail. Please do not block the doorway of the jewellery shop.

We will be through with our buying trip by 12 PM!