The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program
Homework # 7
April 2, 2014

Read Chapter 10 and 11 in our textbook on marketing your business. Make a list of all the ways you plan on marketing your business and why you think it will be effective.

Next week we will hear from Mike Sarrao who will explain how he raised financing on Kick Starter for his comic book business.

Next week we will also hear from classmate Wendy Rissmeyer’s business and anyone else who has not spoke to the class as of yet. Please let me know if you have not spoken to the class, as it will affect your grade if you have not spoken.

Please look at the class calendar on the website to see the balance of our classes:

I encourage everyone that wishes to sell their own merchandise on campus on our two selling days April 30th and May 7thto let me know what you are selling. All other students will help sell the jewelry that we will be buying on our trip on April 23rd. On those selling days the students selling jewelry will need to commit to working either the 10AM-1PM or 1PM-4PM shifts on campus. We meet in front of Whitehead Hall breezeway on those days. So far we have the following students committed from 10-1: Lixenia, Michelle, James, Richard, Joshua, Jamal, Kyle and Ariel from 1-4 we have: Sharanika, Crystal, Aicha, Anna, Jerome, Wendy, Edwin, Joseph, Jazmine, Christian and Kadeem. Those students not listed please email me the times you wish to work.

On Weds April 23rd is our Buying Day Trip. We will meet in front of Final Touch Jewellery at 54 West 29th at the corner of Sixth Avenue at 10AM SHARP! Many trains stop at Herald Square a few blocks from where we are meeting. This will be a great experience for those of you interested in retail. The trip will be a critical buying experience and should be attended by all!. We will be through with our buying trip by 12 PM!