The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program
Homework # 5
March 5, 2014

Read Chapter six in our textbook at:

Using the list of expenses in the chapter create your own list of expenses specific to the business you want to get into.

If you do not yet have a particular business in mind, choose a business you might be interested in getting into. After you have listed all the start-up and recurring expenses pertinent to that business, estimate the costs of each expense, figuring the recurring expenses over the course of a year. Now add the list up. This is your best-guess estimate of the money you will need to capitalize your start-up. Yes, some of these expenses will be offset by income generated by the business, but there are bound to be unexpected expenses not covered on the list, and/or expenses for which you have underestimated the cost.

Extra Credit:

Come up with an idea for an App for an Apple/Google device and why do you think it is a good idea.