The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program
Homework # 10
April 12, 2017

Read Chapter fourteen in our textbook on Advantages of Minorities and Women in Business. In two pages or less explain how your business can take advantage of loans and grants offered by the various agencies. Please explain which agencies and lenders could be helpful to your business. On May 3rd and May 10th we will be selling on campus. I encourage everyone that wishes to sell his or her own merchandise on campus to let me know what you are selling.  All other students will help sell the jewelry that we will be buying on our trip on April 26rd. On those selling days the students selling jewelry will show up at their allotted times either the 10AM-1PM or 1PM-4PM shifts on campus. We meet in front of Whitehead Hall breezeway on those days.

Final Exam on May 17, 2017

In two pages or less write a paper on: What Did You Most Get Out of The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program and Why Should I Invest In Your Business? All papers are due by May 16th a day before our graduation ceremony in The Georgian Room, which is the professor’s dining room in basement of Boylan Hall. At the graduation ceremony all students will make an oral presentation  (3 minutes or less) to the class and guests what they learned from this program and why I should invest in your business.  You can get an idea of what we are looking for from last year’s presentations: