The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Homework # 8
April 3, 2013 due April 10, 2013

Read Chapters 10 and 11 in the textbook “Marketing Your Business” and “Marketing through Social Media” located at: Make a list, in descending order, of the places you feel would be most beneficial for you to market or advertise the business you plan to start. Be specific: Don’t just write “newspaper” but give the name of the paper. Don’t just write “TV” but give the name or at least the type of program (news, drama, soap opera, info commercial, golf tournament) you’re interested in advertising on, and the channel or network. And for radio give the station call letters and the time of day you plan to advertise For websites, search engines and coupon sites make sure you list the site you plan on advertising on and why. What is your web plan? What is the PR plan for your business? How do you plan on branding your business? Also, please make sure all of your homework has been handed in, as it counts for a big portion of your final grade. Several students are behind in handing in the homework’s. We will begin selling on campus on April 24th. If any of you would like to sell your own merchandise on campus please let me know. You must bring your own table if you wish to sell your own merchandise. For all other students please let me know whether you can work from 9:45am till 1 Pm or from 1Pm till 4:15. You must choose one of these times as your selling times. Each student will learn the art of selling, displaying merchandise, inventory and accounting. The class will be going on a buying trip to the fashion jewelry district on April 17th to Manhattan. We will sell this merchandise on our selling days. We will be meeting at 10 AM (sharp) in front of Final Touch Jewelry at the corner of 29th St. and 6th Avenue. We will be done by 12 Noon. Please mark your calendars accordingly. Please let me know if you cannot make this important buying trip.