The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Homework # 2 February 30, 2013

Read Chapter 1 in the Text book : Which of these five tech companies below, do you believe, has the best shot of being the next big tech company and why? Please limit your answer to two double spaced pages. E-mail all homeworks to: . All homeworks are due by the following class. All homework assignments are listed on the class website. in event of absence. 1) Kaltura, see Kaltura created the world’s first open source video platform, which allows organizations to easily create and deploy their own Corporate Tube or Campus Tube. 2) Dwolla see An e-commerce company that cuts the middleman out of money transfers, Dwolla is a bank account-based payment system that charges a small, flat rate for receiving money, as opposed to the percentage system favored by most major institutions. 3) Dropbox see: companies and individuals increasingly move towards the cloud, Dropbox has established itself as the go-to service for file hosting and synchronization. 4) Eventbrite see: Eventbrite makes your favorite events easy to create, share and even sell tickets for online. Your event can be shared across all social media outlets, whether it’s a rock concert at a major venue or a painting class. 5) Medium see: In an Internet overrun with blogs, it can be difficult to get your own work noticed — or, for that matter, to find something worth reading. Medium, the new self-publishing platform from some of the minds behind Twitter, auto-curates a stream of relevant articles, stories and collections for users to read