The Liebowitz Entrepreneur Program

Homework #1
February 29, 2014

Read Chapter 1 in our textbook which is free and located online at: and write a paper no more then two pages on which entrepreneur do you most relate to and why ? Each week we will hear from two-three students about the businesses that they may wish to go into. Please limit your speeches to five minutes. Talk about the type of business you would like to start, why you think this business will be successful, how you plan on marketing the business (including social media, Google Ad words, TV/Radio, word of mouth) and if you plan on having a partner or going solo and why. You can bring in some sample products and use PowerPoint or the Internet for your presentations. After your speech we will then have the class comment on your potential business and offer ideas and suggestions to help you succeed. Next week we will hear from the following students:
  1. Jerome Hayden
  2. Jasmine Miller
  3. Crystal Bennett