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September 1, 2015 Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer is a holiday book for kids young enough to still believe in Santa. Heartfelt is not only a “special” reindeer with the magical ability to look into people’s hearts and know what their most heartfelt wish is, she is also a “special needs” reindeer, whose two very short rear legs make her back slope very badly. But, for it all, she’s a very strong flyer. Heartfelt is one of Santa’s “backup reindeer”—kinda like a spare tire, a substitute in case one of the regulars is unable to make the trip. Her own most heartfelt wish is be one of the team who fly Santa’s sleigh across the world on Christmas Eve. Santa is very unhappy this year. Not a single “Ho-ho-ho.” What’s upsetting him? It all has to do with a little boy named James, who hasn’t sent Santa his Christmas list. Can Heartfelt help? Can she solve Santa’s problem, help James get his most heartfelt wish…and what about her own most heartfelt wish? Will she ever get to join Santa’s team? Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer is a wonderful story for all who still believe in the magic of Christmas…and in happy endings. To view the trailer for Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer: To pre-order the book (AVAILABLE SHORTLY!) Heartfelt, the Special Reindeer: